Congressional Candidate Yolie Flores released the following statement regarding the nomination of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education:

Donald Trump’s nominee Betsy DeVos does not have the experience, knowledge, or disposition to effectively lead the United States Department of Education.  

Ms. DeVos has repeatedly demonstrated that she does not appreciate the important role the federal government plays in public education, including the protection of LGBT youth, low income students, students with disabilities, and undocumented students. 

Ms. DeVos’s vision for our schools is anathema to public education. She does not believe in public options for students—she wants private, for-profit companies running our schools without restraint or oversight. I am disturbed by her lack of commitment to holding schools accountable for results. She wants to deform, rather than reform, our public education system. I’m running for Congress to fight for a public education system that is worthy of our children. I hope you’ll join me by calling your Senator now.